Avner Vengosh

Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences

External address: 
205 Old Chemistry Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90230, Durham, NC 27708-0230
(919) 681-8050

My research aims to link environmental geochemistry and isotope hydrology in order to trace the sources and mechanisms of water contamination and relationships with human health. Current research includes global changes of the chemical and isotopic compositions of water resources due to human intervention and contamination, salinization of water resources in the Middle East and Northern Africa, naturally occurring contaminants (arsenic, fluoride, boron) and radioactivity in water resources, the impact of coal combustion residues on the environment, and the impact of gas drilling and hydro-fracking on the quality of shallow groundwater.


  • Ph.D., Australian National University (Australia) 1990
  • M.S., Hebrew University 1986
  • B.S., Hebrew University 1984

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Gas and Oil Isotope Sample Analysis awarded by U.S. Geological Survey (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2021

Assessing potential human health impacts associated with the use of oilfield produced water for crop irrigation awarded by Department of Agriculture (Principal Investigator). 2017 to 2020

Sichuan Basin Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Fluid Geochemical Features and Environmental Impact awarded by Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (Principal Investigator). 2017 to 2018

Duke University Program in Environmental Health awarded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (Mentor). 2013 to 2018

Elucidating Risks: From Exposure and Mechanism to Outcome awarded by University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2018

Tracing Groundwater Contamination Near Coal Ash Ponds in North Carolina awarded by North Carolina State University (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2018

Tracing Groundwater Contamination Near Coal Ash Ponds in North Carolina awarded by North Carolina State University (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2018

Sub from U Missouri: Endocrine disrupting activity assoc w hydraulic fracturing awarded by University of Missouri (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2017

Fluoride and human health: Assessing novel biomarkers in detecting bone disorder awarded by National Institutes of Health (Mentor). 2015 to 2017