Helen Solterer

Helen Solterer

Professor of Romance Studies

External address: 
217B Language Center, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90257, Durham, NC 27708-0257
(919) 660-3118
Office Hours: 
Wednesdays, 5-6 pm.& by appt.

My research and teaching focus on pre-modern literature and culture in French and their interplay with contemporary thought; twentieth-century French cultural history; writing through gender.

Published works include:  Un Moyen Âge républicain: les paradoxes du théâtre en temps de guerre (Presses Paris-Sorbonne, 2014) Medieval Roles for Modern Times (Penn State 2010); The Master and Minerva (California 1995); European Medieval Studies Under Fire, 1919-1945, an edited collection (JMEMS, Duke. 1995).  Current book in progress: Timely Fictions on the historical action of the earliest literary and graphic arts in French

Students interested in researching all forms of fiction in French in historical depth are particularly welcome. 


  • Ph.D., University of Toronto (Canada) 1986

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authored, Christopher co-, E Jane Burns, Sarah Kay, and Roberta L. Krueger. “Feminism and the Discipline of Old French Studies: "Une Bele Disjointure".” In Medievalism in a Modernist Temper, edited by R Howard Bloch and Stephen G. Nichols, 225–66. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.

Solterer, H. M. “"Amériques prémodernes ? Départ pour le grand Nord”.” In Poétiques de Paul Zumthor, edited by H. M. éds. Jean-René Valette,  Idelette Muzart-Fonseca dos Santos. Paris: Garnier, n.d.


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