Undergraduate Funding

Seymour H. Shore Endowment

The Seymour H. Shore Endowment provides support for undergraduate scholarships for students who pursue academic work in the field of Judaic Studies.

Shore Undergraduate Research Scholars Program in Jewish Studies

Each year a select cohort of undergraduate scholars, pursuing promising independent research, may apply to become a part of the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program in Jewish Studies.  Scholars will receive funding for their research projects, which may include a senior honors thesis in any relevant discipline. 

Undergraduate Research Scholars in the past have traveled to

  • Brazil and Amsterdam in order to pursue research on the Judeo-Portuguese diaspora
  • New York to research Jewish/ African-American post-civil rights relations,
  • Created mobile apps in connection with Computer Science,
  • Interned at Yad Vashem
  • Interned with Israeli President Shimon Peres
  • Researched at Union for Reform Judaism
  • Israel and Jordan on Archaeological digs
  • Studied abroad in Israel, Russia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, England, and many other exciting locations

Applications from students engaged in independent scholarship or senior thesis research in any aspect of Jewish Studies are welcomed.  Potential disciplines may include, but are not limited to: International Comparative Studies, History, Slavic Studies, Computer Science, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Religious Studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES), Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, and Women's Studies.

Students may apply at any time by submitting a one-page research proposal, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty supervisor.

Please send proposals, including a budget, and recommendation to serena.elliott@duke.edu