There are several pathways you may take in your studies of the Jewish culture, societies and experience:

Meyers with students
Professor Eric Meyers talks to students in Qumran, ©David Blumenfeld, Duke Magazine

Undergraduate Studies

  • The Center for Jewish Studies offers a Certificate Program that allows you to design your particular curriculum, utilizing a variety of courses across multiple departments
  • You may pursue a bachelor’s degree with a Judaica concentration through programs in the Religious Studies, History or German departments, or through Duke’s Program II.
  • Through the Asian & Middle Eastern Studies department, you can pursue a major or minor with a concentration in Modern Hebrew.

Graduate Studies

For advanced degrees in Jewish studies, Duke offers:

  • a Master’s degree through the Department of Religious Studies
  • Ph.D. programs through the Graduate Program in Religion, in collaboration with the Department of Religious Studies and Duke Divinity School.