Study Abroad

The Duke Center for Jewish Studies and the Duke Global Education for Undergraduates are pleased to offer students opportunities to study abroad. Seminars through the Center are offered in both Israel and Berlin, integrating Jewish Studies through historical investigation, cultural exchange, and even exploration of archaeological sites.

Duke students in Israel

In addition to seminars, students are encouraged to spend a year or a semester abroad at one of the many Universities that participate in the Duke Study Abroad program, or a summer at one of the many language institutes. For more information regarding study abroad opportunities, please visit the Duke Global Education for Undergraduates web site. Graduate students should speak with their advisors about the best programs to complement their program of study.

Our students have recently gone to Israel on archaeological digs, to Italy for research study, to Berlin for a historical inquiry of Jewish culture, to Middlebury for immersive language programs, and to the YIVO institute for Jewish Research. We invite you to participate in one of our many programs. For more information, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Study, Professor Laura Lieber at