Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina

The Duke Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to be a partner with the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina (JHFNC).

JHFNC logo

JHFNC is currently located in Trent Hall adjacent to Duke Hospital South. Its mission is:

  • To promote understanding of Jewish people by educating both Jews and the general public about the history, culture, and religion of the Jewish people and by encouraging appreciation of the beauty of Jewish ritual and practice
  • To collect and preserve artifacts and record the history of the Jews of North Carolina and create programs that examine and portray the Jewish presence in the Tar Heel state
  • To strengthen bonds between North Carolina 's diverse Jewish communities.

Specifically, the JHFNC pursues its mission in three areas:

  • The Rozenzweig Gallery
  • Custodianship Activities
  • Heritage Projects

Inquiries regarding internships, work study, or donations of artifacts may be directed to Serena Bazemore, Administrator, or through their web site