Past Lectures

Over the years, a number of prominent lectures have been given at Duke that address Jewish culture, rights, traditions and more. These include presentations by Duke professors from a variety of departments, as well as Duke alumni and visiting lecturers from other universities.

Jacques Berlinerblau (Georgetown University) discusses the Bible and Presidential Politics in the keynote address of the Bible in the Public Square... read more »

David Morgan (Duke University) discusses: "The Bible as Image in American Visual Culture." Rubén R. Dupertuis (Trinity University) gives a talk on "... read more »

Adele Reinhartz (University of Ottawa) presents "Then as Now: Old Testament Epics and American Identity." David W. Stowe (Michigan State University)... read more »

John Fea (Messiah College) presents "Does America Have a Biblical Heritage?" Shalom Goldman (Duke University) looks at the roots of Christian Zionism... read more »

Charles Haynes (First Amendment Center) presents "Battling over the Bible in Public Schools: Is Common Ground Possible?" Melissa Rogers (Wake Forest... read more »