2022-23 Perilman Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anastasiia Strakhova

The Duke Center for Jewish Studies is delighted to welcome our 2022-23 Perilman Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anastasiia Strakhova.  Dr. Strakhova received her Ph.D. at Emory University specializing in Modern Jewish history, Eastern European history, and migration. Internationally trained in Jewish Studies and History, she completed her undergraduate degree at International Solomon University in Ukraine, and then earned a master’s degree at Central European University in Hungary. In her dissertation, “Selective Emigration: Border Control and the Jewish Escape in Late Imperial Russia, 1881-1914,” Anastasiia examines how the racialization of Jews in late imperial Russia functioned through migration policies and everyday border-crossing practices. Her article “Unexpected Allies: Imperial Russian Support of Jewish Emigration at the Time of Its Legal Ban, 1881-1917” has been recently published in the special issue of Quest – Issues on Contemporary Jewish History devoted to migration.


Dr. Strakhova will be teaching a course on Ukrainian Jews in the spring; please join us in welcoming her to our vibrant Jewish Studies community!