Perilman Fellowship Recipients

Past and Current Nathan J. Perilman Fellowship Recipients

  • Barbara Geller Nathanson: "The Fourth Century Jewish 'Revolt' During the Reign of Gallus"
  • Joyce Raynor: "Social and Cultural Relationships in Scythopolis/ Beth Shean in the Roman and Byzantine Periods"
  • Steven G. Sager: "Studies in three `Pisqaot' of `Pesiqta de Rav Kahana' Midrash"
  • Miriam Peskowitz:"'The work of her hands': gendering everyday life in Roman-period Judaism in Palestine (70-250 CE), using textile production as a case study"
  • Leonard V. Rutgers: "The Jews in late ancient Rome : an archaeological and historical study on the interaction of Jews and non-Jews in the Roman Diaspora"
  • Cynthia Baker: "Rebuilding the house of Israel : gendered bodies and domestic politics in Roman Jewish Galilee c. 135-300 C.E."
  • Melissa Aubin: "Gendering magic in late antique Judaism"
  • Seth Klayman: "Sukkot from the Tanakh to Tannaitic texts : exegetical traditions, emergent rituals, and eschatological associations."
  • Chad Spigel: "Quantifying the liturgical use of ancient synagogues : occupancy capacities and their implications for the understanding of early Judaism."
  • Doron Wilfand
  • Ingrid Moen: "Marriage and divorce in the Herodian family: A case study of diversity in late Second Temple Judaism"
  • Alan Todd
  • Yael Wilfand: "Poverty, Charity and the Image of the Poor in Rabbinic Texts from the Land of Israel"
  • Benjamin Gordon: "Sacred Land Endowments and Field Consecrations in Early Judaism"
  • Sean Burrus
  • Annegret Oehme